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REST Documentation

Please follow our Swagger documentation for more information.

You can also call our open-data (public) endpoints via rapidapi.

We provide endpoints for

  • /languages
  • /texts


Note: Our project-specific endpoints require an Authorization header and an valid read-only token.

-H "Authorization: <read-only-token>"

Read-only token

Read-only token are used to authenticate with Particular.Cloud.

Navigate to the settings page of your project and create a read-only token. Find more information about how to create a token in the developer documentation.

Note: You can commit your read-only tokens to public repositories and to your client-side applications without fear.

Note: All our endpoints are also available through our JavaScript npm package.

import i18n from '';
i18n.init({ token: '<read-only-token>' });
const supportedLanguages = await i18n.api.fetchProjectLanguages();